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Simply Soup presents our Homemade Vegetable Broth

Homemade. Organic. Vegan. Glutenfree. 100% Natural.

Free from preservatives, additives and taste enhancers.

Available in all Simply Soup locations.

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Find out the story behind our broth from the founder and owner of Simply Soup, Assem:

So, what can you make using our broth? Find out from Assem.

What do our customers say about our homemade broth?

Simply Soup's homemade instant vegetable broth is organic, vegan and full of natural savory notes of roasted vegetables. It's quick, healthy and simple to use in recipes calling for water, stock or broth.


Jack McNulty, Professional Chef and Owner myfreshattitude.com

Jack McNulty, Professional Chef and Owner myfreshattitude.com

WOW! Get ready for a flavor party in your mouth. I like this fresh vegetable broth because it comes closest to my own homemade broth and you can tell it is 100% organic, natural and has no additives. I really recommend adding it to any of your favorite savory dishes.


Lara, Vanillacrunnch.com

Lara, Vanillacrunnch.com

As a certified health coach, I absolutely LOVE the vegetable broth by Simply Soup! Unlike other broths, this one has a natural, delicious flavour! I can therefore use it to pimp up all of my meals! Usually, I am not a big fan of broths as they tend to have a dominant, chemical flavour and often contain synthetic additives. Simply Soup’s broth on the other hand, really enhances the flavour of the dishes we cook. It is so versatile that we add it to many different dishes: from soups, to quinoa, sautéed vegetables, sauces, etc! I love the fact that it is homemade, organic, gluten-free, and does not include any sugar and additives! Well done Simply Soup! Finally a broth that I can also highly recommend to my clients!


Sabine Orbello, Holistic Health Coach, Puricious

Sabine Orbello, Holistic Health Coach, Puricious

Simply Soup’s broth was love at first taste. I simply love it - it’s my all-time favorite broth. In addition to the amazing taste, I love that it's pure in ingredients, meaning only vegetables and salt, no additives or preservatives. For cooking we use it in literally everything - from quinoa, rice, risotto, pasta, stews, sauces and soups. It enhances the flavor of any dish with just one teaspoon. I also gave it as a present to some of my friends who are foodies or health-conscious - they all love it.

Kathrin, Zürich

Kathrin, Zürich

We have asked some cool people for their recipes using our homemade vegetable broth and here is the outcome, ready for you to try out! Have fun!

Vegan Safran Risotto

By Jack McNulty

Risotto is a dish that requires a flavorful broth. Here’s how I use Simply Soup’s instant version to make my basic risotto.

Vegane Lasagne

By Lara Zaugg, Food blogger and stylist

A vegan Lasagna that even has a vegan Bechamel sauce with the best vegan stock from Simply Soup.

Warming creamy chicken soup with tender veggie

by Eli

A delicious chicken soup with the veggie broth from Simplysoup.